Climate Dynamicist
Advanced Study Program



I am a postdoctoral scientist in the Advanced Study Program at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. I study decadal-to-centennial timescale climate dynamics with a focus on hydroclimate over North America during the Common Era. Specifically, my work combines state-of-the-art coupled General Circulation Models with observed and paleoclimatic data to better understand climate dynamics on timescales that cannot be sufficiently understood using instrumental data alone. This includes features that have long timescales of variability (e.g. megadroughts) or that are rare (e.g. pan-continental droughts), as well as interannual dynamical relationships that, while potentially well characterized by observations, are non-stationary (e.g. winter-to-summer precipitation phasing in Southwestern North America and the tropical Pacific-to-North America teleconnection).


PhD, Earth Science, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Columbia University, 2015*
BA and BS, high honors, Geography and Environmental Economics and Policy, UC Berkeley, 2009


*Awarded Science for Society Prize of the Department of Earth and Environmental Science, Columbia University
2013 AGU Fall Meeting Outstanding Student Presentatikon
Phi Beta Kappa, UC Berkeley, 2009

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University of Colorado, Boulder
SEEC/MacAllister (East Campus)
4000 Discovery Drive, Boulder, CO 80303
Phone: 303-735-4387; Office: N243